Jason Goldsberry is a Spokane area artist, blacksmith, self-taught mechanical engineer, and masonry specialist. He has experience in airbrushing, sketch art, machine design, forging, blacksmithing, wood sculpture, portrait drawing, vehicle fabrication, motorcycle builds, and knife making. He designs and builds massive machines.


Current craftsmanship is focused on hand forging blades. Jason holds a booth annually at the Run What Ya Brung bike rally in Oldtown, Idaho. He does forging demonstrations and displays his freshest work. This is the most casual upcoming way to really get into the process and get your own hand forged blade.


Jason was featured in the local paper, The Spokesman Review in 2011.He has had gallery showings locally and will post updates on upcoming shows here and on his facebook page.


Previously he focused on mechanics and the art of vehicle fabrication. His current project is a sort of "rat truck" based around the Cummins motor. This site is primarily focused on Jason Goldsberry's art. For information on commission requests, gallery showings, or other information please email Jason at: JasonGoldsberry88@gmail.com. Visit the facebook page!